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Saudi calendar is your guide to know about all the activities, events, training festivals held in your region. In Saudi Calendar you will find all the information about your event and festivals like date, time, location, organizer, sponsors and price


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Event Calendar

From SaudiCalendar you can be aware and informed about all the events, forum and much more than held in all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, you can find all the information that you need like the date and the price of the events.

Search Event

You can easily search for the event by typing the event you are interested in or the date so you can know what the coming events are or even the closest events to your location and share it with your friends

Create Your Event

You can create your events through the Saudi calendar, and advertise it easily for the largest number of people.


Book Your Event

Through the Saudi calendar you can choose the events that you want to attend and we will keep reminding you of it. Also, you can book tickets for any event and know what other people say about it as well

Sell Your Event Ticket

You can choose the types of tickets for your event and its price. Also, you can sell it to our Application users.

Promote Your Event

Using SaudiCalendar you can promote your event many times in many ways.




I am very happy that I choose Saudi Calendar to promote my event. The number of people who were aware of the event was not expected.

Ali Ibrahim - Event Organiser

The application solved the problem of boredom we were suffering because the lack of knowledge of the events and festivals that are happening.Thank you Saudi Colander

Abeer - User

I’m in love with this app😍😍. It's so easy to use and the filter features it gives you an idea of what's happening around you in timely matter

Saud Majed - Customer

I honestly love Saudi Calendar it's my most used app now.

Abir Doe - Event Organiser

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